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Our Doctors


Dr. Luis Gavin

Specialist Dentist
Dental and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Luis Gavin is one of the leading world Specialist Dentist, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgeon of the last two decades working in the best hospitals in Europe under Capio Swedish Group and BUPA Int.

He is a Degreed in Medicine and Surgery from Madrid University, Spain. He got his Doctorate Degree in Dentistry, Dental Surgery, and Maxillofacial in Malmoe University, Sweden. He won several international awards and is a TMJ SURGEONS AMERICAN BOARD, and collaborates with several universities as a lecturer and clinical instructor

His revolutionary inventions, as an inside mouth device to release sleep apnoea patient from the CPAP machine and Hospital Dentistry which puts any dental treatment reachable and affordable for those with dental fear, kids, obese pre-existing medical condition, dental surgeries without any pain after, treat gum infection with stem cells of the own blood of the patient, dental infection treatment without needling with the non-invasive ozone therapy medicinal gas, and dental implants with bone grafting and stem cells.

Doctor Luis is specialized in dental and maxillofacial surgery, periodontist, gum specialist, and surgery. Plus, hospital dentistry, implants one-day extractions, implants, immediate loading, digital planning zygomatic, pterygoid, implants with bone grafting, prosthodontics for implants, extractions, wisdom teeth, difficult dental surgery cases, special needs for dental, with a medical pre-existing condition, because he is a double qualified physician and dentist, jaw  pain and temporal mandibular joint,

arthrocentesis, arthroscopy, orthodontics fixed, removable, functional, splints, oral medicine, chronic facial pain, dry mouth, bad breath, diabetics, women dentistry, ozone gas therapy for dentistry antiseptic and disinfectant, regenerative, for gum infection and surgical dressing and post-op pain relief and inflammation control, dental fear- dental practice under conscious sedation at the hospital.

Dr. Luis is degreed in Medicine and a Physician as well, thus, he has some complementary medical activity such us medical scope, facial aesthetics, antiaging with plasma platelet from patient blood and ozone therapy medicinal gas, body detox with ozone gas in blood, snoring, CPAP intolerance ozone therapy. Because Ozone gas is coming from oxygen it is useful for back and joint pain. Plus, ozone for dentistry antiseptic and disinfectant is useful for treating infections, regenerative, and sports medicine. He is specialized in PRP plasma platelet for joint, tendon, muscle, back injuries, stem cells.

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